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"Virtual" Postcard Exhibit
Charles Owen, founder and past president of the Cleveland Heights Historical Society, is an avid collector of old postcards. A small portion of his collection (along with several selections from the collection of the Cleveland Heights Historical Center) are contained in the following "virtual exhibit." Charles and his wife, Dumont, are residents of a 1910 home on Somerton and a 1919 Hampshire Road apartment house, both of which they expect to be featured on postcards sometime in the future. Click on a thumbnail to see enlarge view of the cards below.
Fairfax Road at Lamberton.   Howell Hinds house, current site of
Christ Scientist Church.
(Photo courtesy of Cleve. Hts. Historical Center at Superior Schoolhouse)
  Panoramic view of Rockefeller's "Homestead"
Cain Park Theatre, late 1930s   Landscaped grounds of The Homestead
(the Rockefeller estate).
  Overlook Rd., c 1915
(Photo courtesy of Cleve. Hts. Historical Center at Superior Schoolhouse)
Often mis-identified as an "indian fortification, this is actually an observation tower built by Nathan Ambler on his estate (now the Baldwin Reservoir). Card is dated 1912.   NW corner of Cedar & Overlook,
current site of the tennis courts.
House may have been part of the
old Ursuline Academy.
(Photo courtesy of Cleve. Hts. Historical Center at Superior Schoolhouse)
  Just south of North Park at MLK, this path leading into the Roxboro Ravine
no longer exists. Note the Benjamin Bourne house at upper left (corner of North Park and Harcourt).
Chin’s Pagoda stood on Lee Rd.
just north of East Derbyshire
  Pond and boathouse at Forest Hill
(Postmarked August 25, 1907) c.1920.
  Grounds around the Nathan Ambler estate along what is now Stokes Blvd, near MLK Blvd. c.1900
John Hartness Brown House
(East Overlook at Edgehill)
  Corner of Baldwin and Stokes Blvd. The house at the top is the residence of Dr. Nathan Ambler( Postmarked June 18, 1908 ).   Hyde Park Avenue near Cain Park,
North Park Boulevard, near Chestnut Hills   John Hartness Brown House
(East Overlook at Edgehill)
  Path down into the Roxboro Ravine (formerly known as Ambler Park), approximately where Bellfield meets North Park Blvd.
Boaters at Shaker Lakes   Lounge, Alcazar hotel
Surrey and Derbyshire roads
  Overlook and Cedar Roads. The Howell-Hinds House is visible at left
(Postmarked June 9, 1907)
The Clubhouse at Euclid Golf Club
(roughly Cedar and Norfolk)
(Postmarked June 10, 1907)
  John D. Rockefeller’s Forest Hill estate
(Not Postmarked)
  Forest Hill gatehouse
(Postmarked September 4, 1908)
Teeing off at the Euclid Golf Club
(North of Cedar) (Postmarked October 24, 1910)
  This card says Euclid Heights Boulevard
We think it’s North Park Boulevard
(Postmarked September 1, 1913)
  Alcazar Hotel at Derbyshire and Surrey
ca., 1920 (Not Postmarked)
Garfield Monument   Coventry Rd. Homes
(Photo courtesy of Cleve. Hts. Historical Center at Superior Schoolhouse)
  Deteriorating "indian fort"
(actually Ambler's observation
tower) near MLK @ Stokes Blvd.
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